Service Hours Report

 We love service. We also love technology.

Essential Features Checklist
 Create activities for members to report against
 Members create and view reports instantly
 Organize your calendar into Service Periods
 Set a required number of hours per Service Period
 Approve reports with ease and clarity
 Free email support when you need it
 Mobile - our website is responsive to all devices
 Paperless - no more carbon copies or printouts
 Be proud of your organization's service
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Approval made easy.

Our straightforward approval process allows approvers to easily approve reports. They can also request a report be resubmited if the information on the report is incorrect.

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Our simple pricing.

All plans come with a free trial. Cancel or switch plans at any time.

Summer Discount - 25% off your first year!

If you purchase during summer, we'll give you 25% off each of your monthly payments for 12 months. To get the discount, please visit the contact page and contact Sales and Inquiries.

Basic Plan

30 Day Free Trial

$10 /month

  • Up to 100 active members
  • Free setup walkthrough by our support team

Pro Plan

30 Day Free Trial

$20 /month

  • Up to 400 active members
  • Free setup walkthrough by our support team

Enterprise Plan

30 Day Free Trial

$40 /month

  • Up to 800 active members
  • Free setup walkthrough by our support team

All plans come with a free setup and walkthrough session with our support team to get you and your administrative team started.

Members can view their reports online.

Anytime. Anywhere.

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Membership made easy.

Instruct your members to request to join your organization. You can then approve their requests to join.

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Core Features

Member Management Organizations are dynamic - people come and go and maybe even come back again. Our system allows you to easily add new members, make past members 'inactive', and make members who come back again 'active'.
Report Creation Members are required to report the activity they worked, the date it was worked, and number of hours worked.That's it! Optionally, they can write a note.
Activities Create activities for your members to report hours against. When an activity is no longer relevant, it can be made 'inactive'.
Approval System Administrators can assign certain members to be approvers for specific activities. Approvers can then either approve a report or request a report be resubmitted with edited information.
Service Periods Service Periods keep you organized. They have a start date and an end date. When a report is created, it's date worked gets matched to a corresponding Service Period. You can also set the required number hours for each Service Period, so your members always know exactly how many more hours they need to complete.
This table is just a quick overview of some of our core features. To get a better idea of what we have to offer, start a free trial!